The Highest Paying AdSense Keywords

The folks at Xendant did an excellent analysis of the best Adsense keywords. Their post/article makes one simple point. It's not just about the cost per click, but its about the cost per click times the number of clicks you can expect. They present two tables: one that sorts keywords by highest CPC, and the other is sorted by CPC … [Read more...]

30 SEO Tips from the Matt Cutts Videos

In this post, we are going to provide an SEO's summary of all the Matt Cutts videos. This is done in rough chronological order. Note that we are going to itemize only those items that might affect your site implementation in a direct way. This means that we are going to include little information on Data Center updates, … [Read more...]

SEO is Evolving Fast

I have been sitting here this morning staring into space and pondering the changing face of the world of search. It can really be difficult to get your arms around at times, because so much is going on at times. One of the more recent things that caught my eye are the Intuit - Google partnership that you can read about in this post … [Read more...]

Making a Living at Organic Listings

There is a current thread at Webmaster World that asks the question: Is it Realistic to Base a Business Around Free SERPs?. Interesting dialogue. You can see my post under the user ID of "stonecold". Basically, what I say is, this is what my company does for a living. Of course, you can make a living pursuing organic listings. … [Read more...]

Danny Sullivan Keynoting WebmasterWorld – Not Dead Yet!

The news just broke that Danny Sullivan has signed on to provide a keynote speech at Webmaster World in Las Vegas on November 16th. You can read the announcement on Danny's blog, or read more about it on the Webmaster World forums. You can get more info on attending Pubcon here. This should come as no surprise to industry … [Read more...]

Is Reciprocal Linking a Waste of Time?

In a word, yes. Since this flies in the face of conventional wisdom, let me qualify it a bit. Swapping links for the sole purpose of getting a link is a bad idea. What is a good idea, is to swap links with sites that are truly aligned with the subject matter of your site. Presenting a good link to your users that can help them in … [Read more...]

Keywords in the URL

From time to time you see discussions in various forums about keywords in a URL, and whether or not this is a good idea. Like some many things in the SEO world, the answer is simple: It depends. To cite an example: is not a case where keywords in the URL will help you from an SEO perspective. … [Read more...]