Building Multi-Million $ Web Sites from Scratch (Part 4 of …)

Content Development Finally we get back to our series on building multi-million dollar web sites from scratch. We will continue to weave in regular postings about the Google Custom Search Engine developments, but we will begin to write about this topic regularly as well. Basically, this series is a high level blueprint about how to … [Read more...]

One Basic Problem with Algorithmic Search

A short while back, we had the opportunity to interview Google’s Shashi Seth. This interview started with a fascinating look at basic flaws in algorithmic search. In fact, it is these limitations that has led Google to implement the Google Co-Op program.Basically, this boils down to two major issues: Most user queries to not fully … [Read more...]

Google Custom Search Engines – Who will be the Winners?

One of the more interesting things to consider in light of the Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) announcement is who will be the winners, and who will be the losers. We do view Google as one of the winners, but this post will focus more on the winners and losers among those who implement CSEs. As always, the ability to generate an … [Read more...]

Google Custom Search Engines and Social Media

When Google Co-op was launched in May, I saw this as Google's move into the Social Media space. The announcement on October 24th of it's Custom Search Engine (CSE) initiative continues this trend. As with the other parts of Google Co-op, CSEs are intended to encourage social participation in improving the quality of search. CSEs … [Read more...]

Strategic Value of Google Custom Search Engines For Site Owners

The new custom search engine (CSE) program announced by Google offers significant possibilities for web site owners. Implementing a CSE allows site owners to develop a new asset for their business, and provides a new revenue stream for their business as well. Site owners can have a subject matter expert (SME) in their business … [Read more...]

Strategic Implications of Google’s Custom Search Engines

Google's custom search engine (CSE) announcement has significant implications for the search engine industry and Google. This blog post will discuss some of these, but I am sure we will be learing about it for some time to come. Here are the major implications: Combining Human Editing with Algorithmic Search 1. Google has … [Read more...]

Interview of Google’s Shashi Seth

The following is the transcript of an interview of Shashi Seth, Product Lead, Search, of Google. Shashi is responsible for putting together the new Custom Search Engine strategy just announced by Google. Read our analysis of the interview with Shashi Seth, where we discuss the implications of what we learned during our discussion … [Read more...]