Search Engines unite on Site Maps Protocol

Donna Fontenot at SEO Scoop picked up the announcement that Yahoo and MSN are now supporting the Google Sitemap protocol. In the official announcement on the Google Webmaster blog, it's stated that Google, Yahoo, and MSN are going to collaborate on future changes and enhancements to the protocol. This is great stuff. When the … [Read more...]

Tidbits from Webmaster World, Day 2

1. I finally got to meet Donna Fontenot of SEO Scoop. She has an excellent blog, and today made a point that ties in nicely to the current gambling environment here in Las Vegas. Manage your risk dudes and dudettes. Don't put more on the line than you can afford to lose. 2. I stopped by the duplicate content sessions because I … [Read more...]

WebmasterWorld Day 1

Brutal trip out here. No problems really, everything ran on time. But getting up at 4:30 am ET to come out here is hard no matter how you slice it. But anyway, I have made it our to WebmasterWorld in Las Vegas. And as always, it's an entertaining show. Since I flew early this morning, I made only the two last sessions. The most … [Read more...]

Interview of Eurekster’s Grant Ryan

Picture of Grant Ryan

The following is the transcript of an interview of Dr. Grant Ryan, co-founder and Chief Scientist, of Eurekster, conducted in several sessions in November, 2006. Grant and Eurekster have a rich pedigree in social search, going back to GlobalBrain, a company that Grant spearheaded in the late 90's. GlobalBrain was all about "Learning … [Read more...]

Google Custom Search Engines and Core Search

Gary Price put up a post on Wednesday where he speculated that Google's plan to focus on core search were just stories. Gary cites the move into radio ads, the Custom Search Engine announcement, and the YouTube acquisition as being divergent from this plan. Lisa Barone at speculates further on this topic. Lisa's take … [Read more...]

Webmaster World Next Week

Like many others in the search engine industry, I am preparing for the trip to Las Vegas for WebmasterWorld. There are lots of things to look forward to. Catching up with the many people in this industry that I have to know. Just hanging out in some place warmer than Boston. Then there are the many great sessions and meetings I … [Read more...]

Free SEO Site Review

We are pleased to announce a new series of articles on our site. Over the coming months we plan to do a series of "This Old Web Site" articles, in which we document SEO projects that we have participated in, and their results. We are also pleased to be able to show you the results of the first of the sites being covered in this … [Read more...]