Building Multi-Million $ Web Sites from Scratch (Part 5 of …)

Code Architecture When building a large web site from scratch, it's critical that you have the right code architecture. A weak code architecture can torpedo your entire plan, or can leave you in a position where you can't scale your site. Given the type of content we have been talking about in this series, you may needs tens of … [Read more...]

Can Google Drop You from Your Own Custom Search Engine?

Has your mother created a Google Custom Search Engine yet? Yes, I'm being facetious. But I want to make a point. Custom Search Engines are drop-dead easy to create. According to Google's new Custom Search Blog, "tens of thousands of people have already started contributing". The volume of posts on the Google Co-op Group, which I … [Read more...]

A Link Request Email I Liked!

A while back I wrote a post about the funniest link exchange request I ever got. So I thought I would in all fairness present the best (seriously) link exchange e-mail I ever received. Here it is: Hi, We're interested in exchanging links with you. Please let us know if you're interested. Regards, I love this e-mail! Why you … [Read more...]

Flash Sites and the Google Index

Mark Cook of ZoomZoom Ltd in the UK wrote in to let us know that Google is indexing flash pages. Mark references this article about the topic. Based on this e-mail, I ran some tests, and the results are illuminating. Query: cooking schools filetype:swf Query: red wine filetype:swf As you can see, Google is indexing flash. … [Read more...]