Using a Site Map to Increase Traffic

Building a good site map can be challenging (for clarity's sake, I need to point out that we are not talking about the Site Maps protocol here, but an on site, site map). But I find that there is a lot of confusion out there about what makes a good one. People are locked down on the notion that they need to have one page on their … [Read more...]

Weighing in on Link Buying (again!)

The debate continues to rage on about link buying. Rand posted yesterday that he disagrees with Danny and Google, and Jim Boykin adds his comments early this morning. Clearly there is a lot of confusion over this. So here we go again ... in this post, I will try to put forth what I believe the Google position is. Note that I am … [Read more...]

Adam Lasnik Clarifies Google Stance on Duplicate Content

Google's Adam Lasnik has offered up a post today on Dealing Deftly with Duplicate Content. In it, he offers up the official Google stance on the issue. In this post, he addresses the following key issues: What is duplicate content? What isn't duplicate content? Why does Google care about duplicate content? What does Google do … [Read more...]

Improve your Google web search box in 10 minutes or less

This post will give you an idea of how to use Google Custom Search Engines to improve the web search tool you offer on your site. It's really cool, and it's really simple. Follow the five steps list below, and you will have the same web search you already have on your site, except your site's rankings in that search engine will be … [Read more...]

Google’s Stance on Reciprocal Links

Search Engine Watch put up a post about Google saying No to Reciprocal Linking. In this post, Chris Boggs does a good review of the statement by Google in their Webmaster blog, and discusses the nature of the ambiguity in Google's policy, and suggests that Google clarify their stance. My bet is that there is no clarification … [Read more...]

List of PR9 and PR10 sites

Looking for a list of high page rank sites? Here is a site that lists Page Rank 10 and Page Rank 9 sites. The list is not comprehensive, but it represents a great starting place for those of you who want to research the highest page rank sites to get links from. As always, please keep in mind that relevance is king. But authority … [Read more...]

Blog Tag in action

Hoo boy, looks like I have been tagged as well. I know I am going to get a headache finding anyone at all to tag. I will do my best. But first for the 5 things you did not know about me: 1. I am an oenophile (wine lover). I have a first class wine cellar in my basement, and I regularly by bottles of wine that I put in there to … [Read more...]