Technorati Overtaken by Google BlogSearch

Recently, I came across this post at Read/WriteWeb about Technorati's declining traffic. Evidently, Google BlogSearch has overtaken Technorati. The article arrtibutes this happening because Google began promoting Google BlogSearch on the Google home page. One thing that is for certain, when you take a look at the chart they offer … [Read more...]

Interview of the Web Analytics Association’s Brian Induni

Picture of Brian Induni

The following is the transcript of an interview of Brian Induni, the Executive Director of the Web Analytics Association. A native of Vermont, Brian Induni is the owner of Induni NorthWest, a web analytics consulting practice. He brings 20 years of experience in product, engineering and business management to his role, including four … [Read more...]

Yahoo! Search Builder and Getting More Pages Indexed by Yahoo!

A while back I wrote about how building a search engine using Yahoo! Search Builder can increase the number of pages you have in the Yahoo! index. This notion did not come from me. It came from an interview I did with Tim Mayer back in December 2006. Recently, we began a little experiment with this notion to see if we could see … [Read more...]

Flash Implementation Tips

I have written a few times bout the problems with putting flash on your site. It's cool, and it's sexy, but search engines want text rich sites, and movies and text rich content don't mix. Recently, I came across a site that did a really nice job of talking about this issue, and that also provides some great Flash implementations … [Read more...]

Interview of Microsoft’s Justin Osmer

The following is the transcript of an interview of Justin Osmer, a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft. Justin is with the Online Services Group, which includes both MSN and Windows Live, including Windows Live Search. Interview Transcript Eric Enge: Why don't you start by providing us a brief background of yourself, and how you … [Read more...]

Is Yahoo! Becoming a Google Clone?

Brett Tabke recently opened up a forum thread on WebmasterWorld titled: Yahoo SERPS vs Google SERPS - If you can't beat em - join em?. Brett also provides a screen shot comparing the results screens of the two engines. It's also interesting to consider the changes made in Panama. I was staring at Yahoo! Search Marketing's new … [Read more...]