Adam Lasnik talks about paid links, duplicate content and more

Picture of Adam Lasnik

What follows is an interview with Adam Lasnik, who is an SEO Strategist at Google. Adam has become extremely well known in the community as a new voice for communications from Google to the webmaster community. Here is his bio: Before there was a public Internet, Adam was e-mailing. Before there was Netscape or Internet Explorer, he … [Read more...]

Interview with Google’s Adam Lasnik

Adam Lasnik and I spoke about paid links, duplicate content and more late last week. The paid links conversation was very interesting. One of the things that Adam made clear is that Google is not looking to detect 100% of paid links. Their focus is much more on the links that are being sold for the purpose of passing PageRank. We … [Read more...]

MAGS 2007 Conference

Yesterday I attended the MAGS 2006 Conference, put on by the Magazine Association of the Southeast. The conference was attended by a wide range of Southeast US based publishers. Some of the publishers in attendance were quite sizable publishers, such as Rodale. I spoke on the topic of SEO, and the session was well received. The … [Read more...]

7 Observations from SES New York 2007

Search Engine Strategies in New York was once again a good show. It seems to have grown again this year, and I always enjoy the opportunity to catch up with different people in the biz. Here are & major impressions I have following the show: There is really so much opportunity out there. New things keep popping up that result in … [Read more...]

Interview of Unica’s Steve O’Brien

Picture of Steve O'Brien

The following is the transcript of an interview of Steve O'Brien, VP Internet Solutions Marketing for Unica, and co-writes a blog with Rand Schulman of Unica. Steve is responsible for driving Unica's success in the online marketing space. With over 20 years of management experience in the technology industry, Steve's career includes … [Read more...]

Interview of Google’s Rajat Mukherjee

Picture of Rajat Mukherjee

The following is the transcript of an interview of Rajat Mukherjee, product lead for Google's Custom Search Engines project. Dr. Rajat Mukherjee is a group product manager on the search team at Google, Inc., working on several products, including Google Custom Search. Prior to joining Google, Rajat was senior director of product … [Read more...]

Light Posting for the Next Week

My blog will be post free for the next week (as will contributions from me to Search Engine Watch). I am on a real (I mean real) vacation, and all blogging activity will shut down here until the week of the 23rd. Try not to miss me too much! Well OK, try to pretend that you miss me a little ... … [Read more...]