Why You Want to Use Your Blog to Build Trust

Rand just put up a post about The Vast Ocean Between Shoemoney & SEOmoz and Why You Should Be Able To Trust Blog Links. Other than the fact that he singled me out in it, I think it's a great post. I started to write this post as a comment on SEOmoz, but it just got way too long. If you want to read about this topic, read Rand's … [Read more...]

Should you NOINDEX your RSS feed?

One of the questions you see swirling about the forums and blogs these days is whether or not you should Noindex your RSS feeds to avoid duplicate content problems. The source of the problem is that RSS feeds are being crawled by the search engines. In addition, many people are now recommending that you include the entire content … [Read more...]

Rick Klau and Eric Enge talk RSS feeds

Picture of Rick Klau

Rick Klau is Vice President of Publisher Services at FeedBurner, the market-leading feed management provider. He is responsible for cultivating and managing relationships with large media companies, entertainment networks, newspapers and a variety of other commercial publishers. Prior to FeedBurner, Rick held the same role at … [Read more...]

17 Poor Quality Signals Your Site May Be Sending

You see the postings in the forums. People talk about their sites going in an out of the index on a regular basis. Their sites go in for 5 days, and then are out for 10. It's a wrenching experience. In my recent interview with Adam Lasnik, Adam explained that it simply means that Google is detecting what it considers to be some … [Read more...]

Searchology Event Review With Pictures

This is an overview of the day that Google called Searchology (May 16, 2007). In this post I will cover some of the aspects of the event other than the announcements themselves. This will include a series of pictures from my trip to the Googleplex, with some comments about each one, and what Google seemed to be trying to accomplish … [Read more...]

Overview of Google’s Announcements this past Wednesday

May 16th was a fascinating day. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a major press announcement by Google in Mountain View, at an event that Google called "Searchology". In this announcement, Google announced four significant enhancements to search as we know it: Universal Search: This is the biggee. Now when you use Google's web … [Read more...]

Tomi Poutanen talks about social media and the problems with algorithmic search

Picture of Tomi Poutanen

Tomi J Poutanen is the Senior Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Social Search. Tomi Poutanen directs the product management team overseeing Yahoo's social search products Yahoo! Answers, del.icio.us and Yahoo! Bookmarks. He has worked at Yahoo! since the company acquired Inktomi, a Web Search technology provider, in March … [Read more...]