Tomi Poutanen talks about algorithmic and social search

I had a great discussion with Tomi Poutanen last week about the future of algorithmic and social search. Tomi identified 3 challenges faced by algorithmic search: The size of the web they are searching and indexing Subjective queries, such as "what's the best hotel in New York" can't be addressed by algorithmic search The … [Read more...]

Google’s Mark Lucovsky Talks about the Ajax Feed API

The following is the transcript of an interview of Mark Lucovsky, a Technical Director of Engineering at Mountain View, California-based Google, Inc. Mark has held this position at Google since November 2004. Before joining Google, Mark was a Distinguished Engineer at Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corporation. While at … [Read more...]

Flickr Thumbnails now Showing in Yahoo! Web Search Results

Interesting developments at Flickr and Yahoo! web search. Based on Flickr Interestingness data that the service has been collecting, Yahoo! Web Search is now showing Flickr thumbnails of the most popular photos of popular landmarks, when these landmarks are searched on by users. Here are some examples: Machu Pichu Eifel … [Read more...]

2007 Web Analytics Shootout – Interim Report

Use the following link to go straight to the Final Analytics Report. Introduction to the 2007 Analytics Shoot Out - by Jim Sterne Every web analytics tool measures clickthroughs and page views a little differently. They're all using slightly different yardsticks and getting slightly different results. The disparity is driving us to … [Read more...]

Comparison of 7 Different Analytics Packages

Stone Temple Consulting is pleased to announce the publication of the 2007 Web Analytics Shootout - Interim Report. A product of many months of effort (we started on this on October or 2006), and can now show data from 7 different web analytics packages running side by side across 4 sites. This allows us to do some very interesting … [Read more...]

The Challenge for Web 2.0 Companies

Aaron Wall offers up some good thoughts on why Most Web 2.0 Companies will Fail. His discussion focuses on the leverage they seem to lack. He ends the post with "The reason most Web2.0 companies will fail is that they are creating entire companies based around a feature to another product, while having no market leverage." And, … [Read more...]