Adam Lasnik Explains How NoFollow Works

As I wrote about recently, one of the things we need to realize about the web is that content lives forever. An example of this is an old thread at Jill Whalen's HighRankings Forum (a great forum by the way), which talks about the NoFollow attribute. Note that the posting is dated in January of 2007. In it, Matt Cutts is quoted as … [Read more...]

Don’t Bet Against Building 43

Seth Godin recently wrote a post titled Building 43. The gist of this post was that it's a bad idea to best against the webspam team at Google. As reader's of this blog know, I couldn't agree more. For Google, the relevance of their search results is a core strategic asset. If Google's results are perceived to be more relevant by … [Read more...]

Anil Kamath talks about Portfolio Based Bid Management

Picture of Anil Kamath

As the founder of Efficient Frontier, Anil Kamath is the primary architect of the company's core product. He continues to lead the product and technology innovations at Efficient Frontier. Before Efficient Frontier, Anil founded eBoodle, an ecommerce company providing comparison shopping and digital wallet services, that was acquired … [Read more...]

The Web is a Permanent Record

A short while back the folks at SEO Blackhat published a great post called This will Go Down on Your Permanent Record. You might ask what a self professed "white hat" such as myself was doing rousting around on the SEO Blackhat blog, but the reality is that they I am a fan of the SEO Blackhat blog. They write some great stuff And … [Read more...]