Is Google Going to Expand its Punishments of Paid Links?

Search Engine Roundtable put up a post yesterday asking Are SEOs Still Buying Links?. Based on this post, I thought I would update my thoughts on whether or not SEOs will continue to purchase paid links. First though, let's start with some poll data from Barry at Search Engine Roundtable. The post starts by presenting the output … [Read more...]

A Look at Bid Management Look Back

This week's By The Numbers column on Search Engine Watch takes a look at Bid Management Look Back. With the help of Marin Software, I take a look at the issues and the solutions. Check the article out, as it provides a look under the covers of why modern day bid management is hard to do. … [Read more...]

Eric Enge interviews Live Search’s Ramez Naam

Picture of Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam is Group Program Manager of Live Search at Microsoft responsible for overseeing Live Search queries including relevance and the index. Naam joined Microsoft Corp. in 1995, and has worked on teams for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Internet Explorer. He is the author of a nonfiction book … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Ramez Naam

My latest interview is with Ramez Naam of Microsoft. The interview focused on core technology improvements recently made my Microsoft to Live Search. It turned into a great discussion that illustrates many of the complexities involved in a modern day search engine. Check out the interview for details. Feel free to comment below … [Read more...]

7 Points About Paid Links v.s. Editorial Links

What's the difference between "paid links" and "editorial links"? This is a critical thing to understand when you are trying to put together your link building strategy. This post will lay it out in clear terms that reflect my understanding after numerous dialogues with Google luminaries on the topic. A "paid link" is a link where … [Read more...]

Eric Enge speaks with Live Search’s Garry Wiseman

Picture of Garry Wiseman

Garry Wiseman is the group program manager leading the commerce search team within the Live Search division at Microsoft. His responsibilities include overseeing all of the product and classified search related developments, as well as the MSN Shopping and Windows Live Expo consumer destination websites. Wiseman has held a variety … [Read more...]