Latest Interview: Jonathan Mendez

The interview of the week is a podcast with Jonathan Mendez. You can a transcript of the podcast here. … [Read more...]

Upgrading to WordPress 2.3.1

For the longest time I let my blog remain on the 2.02 version of Wordpress. One of the reasons that this was the case is that upgrading Wordpress used to feel like a potential nightmare. While I am moderately technical, I am no web server geek by any means, and in the past there were steps in the process that felt like they would … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Mike Nichols

This week's interview is with Mike Nichols of Microsoft. It was an intriguing discussion about image search, Microsoft's new video search, and celebrity search. Read the interview to see what I learned in the discussion, and if you would like to comment on the interview you can do that below. … [Read more...]

SEOs Must Work Closely With Development

Have you ever written up a beautiful technical SEO plan for a site and then have it come back from development all messed up? There truly is no win in making a set of SEO recommendations and throwing it over the wall to the development team. The results come back wrong a stunningly high percentage of the time. There are many … [Read more...]

Sep Kamvar and Eric Enge Talk About Personalization

Picture of Sep Kamvar

Sep Kamvar is the engineering lead for personalization at Google, and a consulting professor of computational mathematics at Stanford University. Prior to joining Google, Sep was the Founder of Kaltix, a personalized search engine company that was acquired by Google in 2003. Interview Transcript Eric Enge: You and I spoke … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Google’s Sep Kamvar

Our interview of this week is with Google's Sep Kamvar. It provided a lot of insight into Google's views on personalization. Check it out by reading the article. If you want to comment on it, please go ahead and do so below. … [Read more...]

Webmaster Radio Interview

Just a quick note to point you to my interview on Webmaster Radio. In the interview Dave Davies asks me about my thoughts on the SES Chicago event, and where it's going. Nothing earth shaking there, but hey, you get to hear my silky smooth voice! … [Read more...]