Link Building Research Tip

One of the things that is critical in doing link building work is developing tricks for finding the right contact info. Here is the scenario: You have backlinked your competitor You have identified the high value pages that link to them You now need to figure out how to contact that site and get a link to yours You visit the page … [Read more...]

Alex Chudnovsky Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Alex Chudnovsky

Alex Chudnovsky is the founder and managing director of Majestic-12, a UK based firm that specializes in cross-platform .NET/C# development of scalable high-performance data analysis applications with primary focus on creation of the World Wide Web search engine. Majestic also uses the trade name Majestic SEO which publishes a … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Alex Chudnovsky

I recently did an interview with Alex Chudnovsky of Majestic SEO. After my recent interview with Rand Fishkin about Linkscape Alex contacted me to discuss his backlinking tool. Majestic SEO offers a competing tool to Linkscape, and therefore it made for an interesting discussion. It looks like this market is heating up! … [Read more...]

Eric Ward Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Eric Ward

Eric Ward founded the Web's first link building and web promotion services, called NetPOST and URLwire, in 1994. Today Eric offers those services as well as training and private consulting to help companies learn how to generate links, publicity and online buzz for their Web content. Eric has developed content linking strategies for … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Eric Ward

This week's interview is with Eric Ward, aka Link Moses, the person with arguably the longest running history of link building of anyone in the business. Eric and I focused the conversation on the process of reaching major influencers. If you are shooting for the big time with your web site, then reaching the major influencers is a … [Read more...]

Larry Cornett Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Larry Cornett

Dr. Larry Cornett is VP of the Yahoo Search consumer products division. In this capacity, he is primarily responsible for the Yahoo web search experience and heads up a multinational team of product managers, designers, and developers focused on creating a world-class search experience. Prior to this role, Dr. Cornett was a director … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Yahoo’s Larry Cornett

This week's interview is with Dr. Larry Cornett, the VP of the Yahoo Search consumer products division. Our discussion focused on SearchMonkey, Yahoo's new effort to remap the user experience in search. We talked in particular about Yahoo's recent announcement that certain SearchMonkey applications have been defaulted to on for all … [Read more...]