Search and Traditional Marketing

In my most recent interview with James Lamberti of comScore we talked about the future of search - with a particular focus on how search would become more tightly integrated with traditional marketing. This could mean a large uptick in dollars being invested in search. One of the big problems is that traditional marketers have … [Read more...]

James Lamberti on the Future of Search Marketing

Picture of James Lamberti

James M. Lamberti is the Senior Vice President, Search and Media for comScore Inc. He leads the Search practice at comScore Networks within the Media Division. Since joining comScore in 2001, James has led the development of the firm's qSearch data stream into an industry leading data and analytics tool widely used by search engines, … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: comScore’s James Lamberti

A few weeks ago I spoke with James Lamberti of comScore. Our discussion focused on the evolution of search marketing, and what it needs to do to integrate into the brain space of traditional marketers. Once you have read the interview, please feel free to leave comments about it below. … [Read more...]

Five Strategic Steps for the Modern SEO

In the course of judging the SEMMYs, one of the great posts I read was The SEO Playbook - Welcome to the Rabbit Hole Alice by Stuntdubl (aka Todd Malicoat). It's a great post because it helps outline how SEO is expanding in it's scope. There are those that might suggest that SEO shops are losing their value (thanks to Kevin Heisler … [Read more...]

Eric Enge Interviews Kevin Ryan About His First SES

One week after his first SES event, I caught up with Kevin Ryan to debrief him on how the event went. Here is his bio for his career prior to Incisive: Search Editor, iMedia Communications; CEO, Kinetic Results; VP, Interactive, Wahlstrom Interactive. Kevin Ryan' s current and former client roster reads like a "who's who" in big … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Incisive’s Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan recently completed his first SES with SES Chicago in December. Following the event, I interviewed Kevin Ryan, and we talked about how the event went. We also talked about his plans for future SES events. Feel free to leave comments on the interview below. … [Read more...]

Thoughts on SEO Ethics

One of the most important things an SEO can do when speaking with a prospective customer is to qualify the customer first. There are people out there who are ready to pay you money for your time and services that you should turn away. There are a couple of major reasons why: It's just good ethics to turn away a potential client … [Read more...]