Latest Interview: Kevin Lee

Recently I have the chance to speak with Kevin Lee, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Did-It. We spoke about the SEM industry in the past year, the future of it, as well as the types of tools to use to get the best results for your campaigns. Please feel free to comment on the interview below. … [Read more...]

10 Things To Expect from a Good SEO Firm

Last week I posted about 11 Ways to Recognize a Bad SEO Firm. This week, in response to many requests, I am going to turn it around and talk about a set of things to look for in identifying a good SEO firm. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to be declarative when looking at this side of the coin. There may be more things … [Read more...]

Eric Enge and Kevin Lee discuss Pay Per Click Marketing

Picture of Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee Didit Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, has been an acknowledged Search Engine Marketing expert since 1995. Kevin's years of SEM expertise provide the foundation for Didit's proprietary Maestro search campaign technology. Didit's unparalleled results and client growth have earned Didit recognition not only among … [Read more...]

Eric Enge Interviews Ken McGaffin

Picture of Ken McGaffin

Ken McGaffin is Chief Marketing Officer with He writes regularly on link building and online public relations. He is the author of the highly acclaimed Linking Matters Report. Our discussion focused on recent changes and upcoming plans for Wordtracker, and tips and techniques for keyword selection. Interview … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Ken McGaffin

Recently I interviewed Wordtracker's Ken McGaffin. Ken and I discussed recent changes in Wordtracker and advanced tips and techniques for keyword selection. Check it out, and feel free to discuss it below. … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Recognize a Bad SEO Firm

There are lots of different people out there calling themselves SEOs. Some of them are actually really good. But, for today, let's take a look at 11 sure fire signs that your dealing with a bad one: Focuses a lot of energy on meta keywords. Yes, they are still out there - SEOs that think that meta keywords are the best thing … [Read more...]

Authoritative Social Media Content

The process for winning on Digg (and other social media sites) is a complex one. This has been made even more complex by recent changes in the Digg algorithm. Many webmasters strive to develop content that will score well on Digg, looking for tons of traffic, and lots of links. The first key, obviously, is to truly deliver value … [Read more...]