Insights Into How Google Handles Site Moves

Once you learn a little bit about how search engines work, moving a web site from one location to another begins to sound like a frightening thing. The basic solutions that people talk about in the market are pretty straightforward. However a recent post by Riona MacNamara on the Google Webmaster Central blog, titled: Best … [Read more...]

Eric Enge interviews Google’s Dick Costolo

Picture of Dick Costolo

Dick is a Group Product Manager at Google, Inc. Prior to this role, he cofounded and was CEO of FeedBurner Inc., the leading provider of online media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and feeds. Previously, he cofounded and was CEO of which was sold to 724 Solutions in September 2000. Prior to … [Read more...]

Eric Enge interviews Yahoo’s Andrew Tomkins

Picture of Andrew Tomkins

Andrew Tomkins is the Chief Scientist for Yahoo! Search. Andrew joined Yahoo! Research in 2005 from IBM. His research over the last eight years has focused on measurement, modelling, and analysis of content, communities, and users on the World Wide Web. Prior to joining Yahoo! Research, he managed the "Information Management … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Dick Costolo

This week's interview is with Google's Dick Costolo. We discussed RSS Feeds, the way they are being used, and how monetization of feeds will evolve in the future. Please feel free to comment on the interview below. … [Read more...]

Interview of Market Motive’s John Marshall

The following is the transcript of an interview of John Marshall, CTO of Market Motive. John was CEO of Clicktracks, until very recently when he left the company to put together Market Motive. A Netscape alumnus who is responsible for two other successful software companies, John Marshall brings 20 years of experience in the software … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Market Motive’s John Marshall

Recently I got to interview Market Motive's John Marshall. This interview focused on why it's bad to go out and buy "traffic". Your focus needs to be sharper than that - you need to focus on the intent of the visitors, and how you are goping to persuade them to buy. If you want to discuss it, you can do so below. … [Read more...]

SEOs Should Focus on Conversions

What should an SEO firm report on to their clients? There are a whole host of things that people usually talk about: Technical SEO changes made New links obtained Rankings reports Total backlinks Pages indexed Competitive info Web site traffic While most of these are useful at some level, I think that if any of them become the … [Read more...]