Latest Interview: Bill Flitter Podcast

Recently I put a podcast together with Pheedo's Bill Flitter. Bill is the CEO of Pheedo and shared his insights on how RSS is being used, and also provides advice on promotion of your feed. Once you are done reading or listening, you can comment on the podcast below. … [Read more...]

Eric Enge interviews Kirsten Rasanen about TV Guide’s video search engine

Picture of Kirsten Rasanen

Kirsten Rasanen joined TV Guide in May 2006 as director of product development for TV Guide Online. She is responsible for product development and management of large-scale projects on the company's flagship site, Her focus is on broadband video and new video applications for the Web, including a patent-pending product … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Kirsten Rasanen

This week's interview is with TV Guide's Kirsten Rasanen, Director of Product Development for TV Guide Online. Kirsten and I discussed TV Guide's video search engine, as well as the future of video search. If you want to discuss it, you can do so below. … [Read more...]

Guy Kawaski’s Alltop

Guy Kawaski of Garage Ventures has launched a new web site known as Alltop, with a tag line of "All the top stories". Here is a summary of their business from their site: We help you explore your passions by collecting stories from “all the top” sites on the web. We’ve grouped these collections — ”aggregations” — into individual … [Read more...]