Eric Enge interviews Bob Massa

Picture of Bob Massa

Bob Massa has been involved in the search business since 1997. Bob is known for his driect and honest approach, along with his sense of humor. He operates a directory of niche Internet communities and a web marketing services firm know as Techndu. Interview Transcript Eric Enge: You have been doing online traffic development and … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Bob Massa

Our latest interview is with Bob Massa. What's interesting about this one is that Bob has been involved in SEO and online marketing since 1997. That makes him a certified old timer, and it's worth seeing what he things about the was search has changed and his ideas on link building. … [Read more...]

It’s OK to be a Generalist

One of the things I enjoy about following Seth Godin's blog is that he is always looking at the bigger picture of the world's of marketing and business. It just helps you step back from the day to day detail that tends to make up ones business life. One of his recent posts was titled: We specialize in everything. The reason this … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Yahoo Chief Scientist Andrew Tomkins

Recently I had the privilege to speak with Yahoo Chief Scientist Andrew Tomkins. This interview was a follow up to his keynote presentation at SES NY, where he spoke about the future of search, and Yahoo's major initiative in that areas. Check the interview out, and add any comments you may have below. … [Read more...]

WordPress Automatic Update Rocks!

Back in December I did a blog post about Updating to Wordpress 2.3.1. I noted in that post that I waited a long time to do the update because I knew it would be a somewhat painful process. I probably spent an hour getting the stage set (backing things up including the database), and reading and re-reading the instructions. I then … [Read more...]

GravityStream Can Solve CMS Problems

It startles me sometimes how many people out there are publishing very significant web sites, but don't really understand what is going on with SEO. Worse, many major CMS systems make it impossible to build a search engine friendly web site. The types of issues that people run into with these systems is always pretty much the … [Read more...]