Digging Deeper for Contact Info

Eric Ward put a post up on Search Engine Land called: The Link Building Kiss of Death. In this post Eric talks about the types of email addresses which are just poor ones to use when emailing someone with information about your site (a request of a link). Some of the examples provided by Eric … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Peter Nieforth

My latest interview is with Peter Nieforth the CEO of Vitrium Systems. Vitrium is pushing on a new concept of document analytics. The idea is to be able to track what is happening to a document you distribute via the web (usually a PDF file) and see how much a person has read of it, whether they forward it to others, and more. You … [Read more...]

Eric Enge Interviews Peter Nieforth

Picture of Peter Nieforth

Peter Nieforth is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder ofVitrium Systems. Mr. Nieforth was instrumental in bringing together the founders who designed Vitrium's business model based on Narayan Sainaney's research and protected pdf technology. Mr. Nieforth specializes in financing, organizing and commercializing promising … [Read more...]

Eric Enge Interviews Aaron Wall

Picture of Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall is a well known name in the SEO space. In addition to writing one of the more popular SEO Blogs, he also offers a suite of free SEO tools, and more recently opened up an exclusive online SEO training program. Interview Transcript Eric Enge: Let's start by talking a bit about how ideas spread today. Aaron Wall: As the … [Read more...]

Using SEO to Generate Assets

For me, SEO is about asset creation. Whenever we work with a client site, we treat it like an asset. In short, the site is never treated as an item that we could potentially throw away. Once you start thinking this way, you become risk averse. But that is not the only thing that happens. You begin thinking about who the leaders … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Aaron Wall

In this week's interview, I sat down with Aaron Wall and spoke about what it takes to get your ideas (and point of view to spread). He knows a thing or two about this, and is the only person I know who has 2 pages listed on the first page of Google results for the search phrase SEO. Check the interview out, and if you have any … [Read more...]

Eric Enge Interviews Google’s Carter Maslan

Picture of Carter Maslan

Carter Maslan is the Director of Product Management for Google Local. He also spent 6 yearsas a Director of Product Management & Marketing at Microsoft, and 2 years at Inktomi prior to joining Google. Interview Transcript Eric Enge: One of the big changes in the past year was that Google Universal Search came out and we started … [Read more...]