SES San Jose Foosball Smackdown Results!

Last week at SES San Jose we held an event we dubbed the Search Engine Foosball Smackdown. This was a heated event between foosers from Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!. Each search engine sent some of its best foosers to see who would be the dominant search engine in the market (well the foosball market at least). It is easy to see … [Read more...]

Maile Ohye Interview

Picture of Maile Ohye

Following college graduation, Maile worked as a system integrator for content management applications. She believes that beauty can be fostered through collaboration and accessible information and that it's important data be organized and usable. Her corporate CMS experience led her to become a Technical Solutions Engineer … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Google’s Maile Ohye

As is my normal policy, no interview was published last week, as many in the industry have way too much to deal with when there is a major search industry trade show taking place, such as SES San Jose. However, this week I have the pleasure of publishing my recent interview with Maile Ohye, a Senior Support Engineer at Google. Our … [Read more...]

SES San Jose 2008

Thousands of people are going to make their way out to Search Engine Strategies San Jose and those of us at Stone Temple Consulting are no exception. Both Eric Enge (me) and John Biundo will be there. As announced yesterday on the Search Engine Watch blog, we have organized a search engine foosball smackdown. This is a challenge … [Read more...]

Spreading the Field

Aaron Wall recently wrote a post on Search Engine Land titled How To Get New Web Sites To Rank Quickly. It's a good post with good advice in it, and worth a read. Of course, I did not start this post just to tell you that ... I really like the ideas of going after long tail terms, and less competitive terms. It certainly makes … [Read more...]

Tom Wilde Interview

Picture of Tom Wilde

Tom Wilde is the CEO of EveryZing, and is a widely recognized leader in the field of Internet search and online advertising. Prior to becoming EveryZing's CEO, he held numerous leadership roles in the field, including senior vice president and general manager of the consumer division at domain portfolio company NameMedia; senior vice … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: EveryZing’s Tom Wilde

This week's interview is with EveryZing's Tom Wilde. Tom is a long time industry veteran, having worked at NameMedia, Miva, and Terra Lycos. Our conversation focused on Video SEO. You can make any comments you may have on the interview below. … [Read more...]