Risk Management: Transitioning Away From Paid Links

It's well known that we do not buy links when we do link building for our clients. However, there are many times when we take on a client that has been buying links for some time, and they want to transition away from buying links. So should they stop cold turkey? We usually advise that they don't stop cold turkey. Google has an … [Read more...]

Brad Goldberg Interview

Picture of Brad Goldberg

As General Manager of the Search Business Group, Brad Goldberg is responsible for product management, product planning, and marketing for Live Search. This includes current and future versions, and spans all search verticals like Local and Image Search, as well as customer segments including consumer and enterprise. Prior to this … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Brad Goldberg

I recently spoke with Microsoft's Brad Goldberg. Brad is the General Manager of the Search Business Group at Microsoft, and we talked about a variety of issues concerning the future of search and Live search. You can make any comments you may have on the interview below. … [Read more...]