Dennis Moretensen and Eric Enge talk about analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, and more

Picture of Dennis Mortensen

Dennis R. Mortensen is a pioneer and expert in the Web Analytics industry, having working in the field of internet analysis and statistics since 1996. He is an accredited Associate Web Analytics Instructor - University of British Columbia and a frequent speaker on the subject of analytics and online marketing. He was the COO of … [Read more...]

Bill Tancer discusses how search data can tell us about the offline world

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Bill Tancer is the General Manager, Global Research at Hitwise. Bill brings 12+ years of marketing, market research and corporate strategy 12+ experience to Hitwise. As the GM for Global Research, he provides cutting-edge research and insight into online consumer behavior and the application of online competitive … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Yahoo’s Dennis Mortensen

This week's interview is with Yahoo's Dennis Mortensen. This is the first time I have a chance to really sit down with him since IndexTools was acquired by Yahoo, of for that matter, since his election to the board of directors of the WAA. … [Read more...]

What Are You Going To Do Today?

One thing to keep in mind when digging into your analytics data is whether or not your research has the possibility of causing you to do something. Many pundits like to refer to this as making it actionable. I think this is a pretty good way of expressing it. I happen to prefer a slight different phraseology. Will it change what … [Read more...]

Brief Chat with Guy Kawasaki

After a long hiatus from publishing interviews, I am back at it. We have a nice stream of interviews upcoming, so stay tuned. Not too long ago I had a chance to get Guy Kawasaki to answer a few quick questions. Check it out, and next week we will give you an update on Yahoo Web Analytics in our discussion with Dennis Mortensen. … [Read more...]

A few quick questions with Guy Kawasaki

Picture of Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is a founding partner and entrepreneur-in-residence at Garage Technology Ventures. He is also the co-founder of, an "online magazine rack" of popular topics on the web. Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. Guy is the author of eight books including The Art of the Start, Rules for … [Read more...]

Link Algorithm Changes

Long ago and far away, I wrote a post about the Problems with Anchor Text as a Ranking Signal (well OK, it was about a year ago). In that post I wrote: The weighting of anchor text is one of the biggest factors that drives the paid links business. When you pay somebody for a link, you naturally expect that you will be able to … [Read more...]