Market Motive’s Scott Milrad Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Scott Milrad

Scott Milrad is the Director of Online Education at Market Motive, developing Internet marketing courses and curriculum for Market Motive's online education programs. Originally on track to go the traditional collegiate teaching route, Scott completed his Masters Degree in literature and creative writing at San Diego State University … [Read more...]

The Role of Trust in Rankings

Trust is one of the factors in web rankings that is the least understood. Partly this is because the simplicity of the days when Google's PageRank algorithm was all you needed to know are long gone. Now there are many other factors that enter into ranking, with the 2 major new ones being relevance and trust. One of the first ways … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Market Motive’s Scott Milrad

This past week I have the chance to interview Market Motive's Scott Milrad. Our discussion covered a lot of ground regarding the internet marketing certifications offered by Market Motive. One of the more interesting things is that this Tuesday Market Motive is having the finals for the program in a broadcast conference call on … [Read more...]

Offline Relationships and Link Building

There are scores of online marketing techniques that are effective in building relationships that can lead to links to your site, but there is no reason to stop there. Do the major influencers in your space speak at conferences? Then go to it, and introduce yourself. This can include not only bloggers, but other people influential … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Motoko Hunt

This week I have the pleasure of publishing my recent interview of Motoko Hunt of AJPR. Motoko is an expert Japanese SEO, and we dug into some of the unique aspects of performing SEO in Japan. … [Read more...]

Japanese SEO, Motoko Hunt, Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Motoko Hunt

Since Motoko established in 1998, she has been providing Japanese SEO/SEM services to companies from around the world, helping them to enter the Japanese market using the Internet. Motoko's search marketing consulting services with her extensive knowledge of Asia and Japanese market have been highly valued and made big impact on some … [Read more...]

Angus Norton Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Angus Norton

Angus Norton is the Senior Director, Live Search, at Microsoft Corporation. Angus previously has had several other roles at Microsoft, including: Senior Director, Developer Platform Evangelism, Director, Windows Mobile, and Group Product Manager, Enterprise Servers & Tools. Angus was one of the few that has won the Microsoft … [Read more...]