Is Link Building a PR Function?

Link Building is a discipline that has a ton in common with basic PR. While there are many important differences as well, both are focused on getting the word out about a business, and getting other people to embrace it. Once you understand how closely tied these are you begin to see why these important functions must work … [Read more...]

Latest Interview – Google’s Sandra Cheng – Comment Here

My most recent interview was with Google's Sandra Cheng, and we discussed the recent Website Workout program by the Google Website Optimizer team. This was a cool program where Google did test programs with 4 different companies, and then published the results as case studies. As SEOs we hunger for hard core data, and this program … [Read more...]

Google’s Sandra Cheng Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Sandra Cheng

Sandra Cheng is a Product Manager at Google where she is responsible for the overall product strategy and roadmap for Google Website Optimizer. She also manages ads optimization related products for AdWords. Previously, Sandra worked at, where she led product management for Interview Transcript Eric Enge: So … [Read more...]

Google’s Cedric Dupont Interviewed by Eric Enge

Cedric Dupont is the Product Manager for SearchWiki at Google, Inc. He has been with Google for almost 2 years (since June 2007). Prior to Google he worked as a consultant at Bain & Company, where he worked on strategy and due diligence for Private Equity deals for funds in the US and Europe. Prior to Bain he worked as a Senior … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Google’s Cedric Dupont – Comment Here

This week's interview is with Google's Cedric Dupont, the product manager for Search Wiki. The discussion focused on SearchWiki, and in it he indicated that there is no intention to offer an opt out, and that it could well be used for more general ranking purposes. We did, of course, discuss much more than that!. … [Read more...]