The Art of SEO

One of our clients forward me an email message yesterday. The subject of the email was: "Fwd: Your order has shipped (#102-2280136-1739409)". I scratched my head when I saw it, wondering what it could possibly be. Then I opened the email and saw these wonderful words: "FYI, your book is now shipping :) Look forward to … [Read more...]

SEMPO Mobile White Paper

Recently SEMPO released a white paper on the mobile market. The paper references data from comScore which shows tremendous growth (what a surprise!). The comScore data reveals that in May of 2009 more than 64.2 million in the US accessed the mobile Internet, a significant uptick from 36.8 million users from January of 2008, or a … [Read more...]

Interviewed by Richard Baxter

While I am known for interviewing lots of different people I recently got interviewed by Richard Baxter of SEO Gadget. In it, I speak about how I got started in SEO, and my favorite interviews. Richard also does a great job on an ongoing basis on the SEO Gadget blog. Check it out! … [Read more...]

Less is More

One of the fascinating trends of the 21st century (more or less) is the fact that "less is more". This saying has been around for a long time, but this decade has brought it to new heights. In our industry there are two stunning examples. One of the best examples is Google: A quick spot check shows that … [Read more...]