Frederick Vallaeys Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Frederick Vallaeys

Frederick Vallaeys is a Product Evangelist for Google AdWords. In this role, he helps advertisers learn about which Google products can best solve their marketing needs. He also represents the needs of advertisers with the engineering and product management teams. His main product focus is on ads quality and bulk tools like the … [Read more...]

Interview with Google’s Frederick Vallaeys

A couple of weeks back I interviewed Frederick Vallaeys, who is a Senior Product Specialist for Google AdWords. We covered a wide range of topics, with a review of some recent product announcements, and also some tips and tricks. In this post, I will summarize the main points of the interview, but do read the full interview if you … [Read more...]

11 Notes from my Interview with Pankaj Mathur

Just over a year ago I did an interview with Pankaj Mathur, the VP of Sales for InfoGroup. I enjoyed the initial interview tremendously, so I really looked forward to the opportunity to do it again. As with the first interview, our conversation focused almost entirely on the local search data problem. What makes it hard, and some … [Read more...]

Pankaj Mathur Interviewed by Eric Enge

Pankaj Mathur is the Vice President Sales for the InfoGroup Licensing Division. He has been with InfoGroup since 2005 and is currently managing the POI data licensing relationships with local search engines, navigation partners and LBS players. He works with the product team at InfoGroup and with customers on new technologies and … [Read more...]