New Clarity on Reconsideration Requests from Tiffany Oberoi

Key Interview Points I am going to keep the key points summary short in today's interview. Tiffany's responses bring new clarity to the reconsideration request process. Here is what Matt Cutts Tweeted about the interview: Read on and enjoy! Interview Transcript Eric Enge: Thanks for taking the time to … [Read more...]

Tiffany Oberoi Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Tiffany Oberoi

Tiffany is a software engineer on the Google's Search Quality team. She joined Google in 2006 and focuses on webspam issues and webmaster communication. Prior to joining Google she worked as a software engineer at Computer Associates and a high school math/engineering teacher in Harlem, New York. She earned her bachelor's degree in … [Read more...]

Google Ad Extensions with Mona Elesseily

Key Interview Points As you can see from her bio, Mona has a great deal of expertise in pay per click marketing. We decided to chat about the various types of Ad Extensions for Google AdWords. What makes these interesting is that they can drive a significant increase in click through rates for you ads. Here are some of the important … [Read more...]

A Holistic Look at Panda with Vanessa Fox

Key Interview Points I really enjoy speaking with Vanessa about search because of her perspective about how to do things. As readers of mine know, I am a fan of the trite old way of doing it - producing a great web site, making it search friendly, and then promoting it well. Vanessa is truly an industry leader in promoting this type … [Read more...]

Vanessa Fox Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Vanessa Fox

Vanessa Fox, called a cyberspace visionary by Seattle Business Monthly, is an expert in understanding customer acquisition from organic search. She shares her perspective on how this impacts marketing and user experience and how all business silos (including developers and marketers) can work together towards greater search … [Read more...]

Mona Elesseily Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Mona Elesseily

For the last 12 years, Mona Elesseily has focused on paid search strategy and conversion improvement. In her career, she has significantly improved campaign performance for brands such as Capital One,, Cathay Pacific and The Jimmy Pattison Group to name a few. She regularly speaks at Canadian, US and international … [Read more...]

Jim Sterne on Social Media Metrics

adobe photoshop software download Key Points Jim provides great perspective on how we should think about Social Media Analytics. The major takeaways from this discussion are: Social behavior is intrinsic to the web. Today it might be Facebook and Twitter, and tomorrow it might be something else. What matters is that the power to … [Read more...]