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Web analytics play a key role in making your web site more successful. It takes more than checking your visitors and page views every day. You need to dig into the data and find out how your visitors are interacting your site, and to find out how to give them a better web site experience.

Web analytics tools provide incredible power to do just that, and to rapidly scale the the revenue and margin you derive from your site. Ask yourself - how would increasing your revenue and margin from your website by 20% (or more) help your business?

When we provide our clients with SEO or PPC services we also provide advice and input on how to setup anayltics to measure the results (we don't offer analytics setup as a standalone service).

Web Analytics services from STC include:

  1. Web Analytics plan development: It all starts with figuring out what you want to do with web analytics. You need to have a plan to have an idea of what your return will be on your analytics investment.

  2. Analytics tool selection: No two web sites have the same needs. And each analytics package provides different capabilities. Get STC's help in making sure you are using the right tool for your site.

  3. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development: You don't want to get lost in a sea of useless data. Hone down on the web stats that will tell you how your business is doing, and how you can improve it, and ignore the rest. By determining your KPIs, you can get the most out of analytics, for the least effort.

  4. Web analytics implementation: Once you have the plan, the package, and the KPIs, you need to set the software up on your site, and you need to configure the analytics application. STC has extensive experience in analytics implementations with most of the leading analytics software packages, including:

  5. Business Analysis of Analytics Data: This is where the money is. STC can help you understand the analytics data, what it says about your business, and help you determine how to improve your site to grow your business faster.
  6. Training: STC can help you learn how to get more out of your analytics tools. Training starts with a basic orientation on how to work with the tools, what to look for, and how to use them to improve your business results.

In addition, STC played the lead role in the 2007 Web Analytics Shootout. This study is intended to help webmasters quickly understand how the different analytics packages may, or may not, meet their analytics needs.

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