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The first edition of the book was accalimed as one of the top digital marketing books (see accolades below), and since 2009 many changes have happened in the industry. The new book includes a major new chapter on social media and user engagement, as well as many other significant updates.

Here are some of the accolades that the first edition of the book received:

  • In A Roundup of 2009's Best SEO Books, Chris Sherman elected to list us first.
  • In this post on Search Engine Watch Greg Jarboe tells us that "The Art of SEO isn't a paint-by-numbers kit", and that the "chapters on Keyword Research, Developing an SEO-Friendly Website, Creating Link-Worthy Content & Link Marketing, and Tracking Results and Measuring Success are must-reads for anyone interested in mastering search engine optimization".
  • A poll of TopRank blog readers named the book the "Best Search Engine Optimization Book in 2009"
  • Richard Baxter states: "This evolution and fast pace of development has created the need to establish and communicate "core" best practice in SEO. This is what the authors of the book have done, and in my opinion, rather successfully."
  • This review by Linda Bustos concludes that the book is a "great reference for online retailers".

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