Stone Temple Consulting Privacy Policy

Our web site is not designed to collect any personally identifiable information. Here is our privacy policy:

  1. Our web site does not contain any forms for collecting user information, such as credit card information, or any other personally identifiable data.
  2. Our blog does allow users to make comments on our posts. Any information you provide in the comments is made public by the very nature of the blog software. You are required to provide an email address to make a post. We do not, and will not share your email information with any other parties, except as may be required of us by law.
  3. We do not use cookies.
  4. We do provide information that you can use to contact us. If you do contact us, such communications will be kept private, unless we receive your permission to make them public.
  5. We do use commonly available web statistics packages that provide us with aggregate information on web traffic, and the behavior of users at our site. We do not use our web statistics packages to look at the behavior of individual users in any personally identifiable manner.

Should our policies change at any time in the future, those changes will be posted here on this page.

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