Big changes at SEOmoz

Big changes are taking place over at SEOmoz. A while back, Rand Fishkin (its CEO), announced that he planned to offer paid content services in the near future. Well the change has happened, and the new SEOmoz site is launched.

Premium Membership costs $39 per month or $299 for a year. What you get in return for this is access to premium content and tools, including:

  1. The Professional’s Guide to Link Building
  2. Access to the SEOmoz Crawl Test Tool
  3. The ability to compare multiple reports on the same page in the SEOmoz Page Strength tool.
  4. View all the page strength scores for a URL over time in the SEOmoz Page Strength tool.
  5. Run five Keyword Difficulty reports at a time. Other users are limited to one.
  6. Beta test new SEOmoz tools and features before they are released to the public.
  7. Access to SEOmoz multimedia training, webinars and audio/video podcasts (as they become available).
  8. Invitations to in-person SEOmoz events at conferences and here in Seattle.

It looks like the blog will continue on its merry way, by which I mean it will continue to produce the great content it always has.

However, there is some new stuff here too. Now any user can go to the YOUmoz section of the site, and write their own blog post. Built into this is a voting feature, where other users can read the YOUmoz posts, and vote for them (thumbs up or thumbs down). The most popular posts will then be shown on the main SEOmoz company blog. This is a great way for users to get some exposure in a high traffic site.

This is obviously a big step for Rand and SEOmoz. But Rand has always had a deep passion for good content and quality research. It makes sense to me that they have taken this step, and I think they will be successful with it. Check it out!

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