Blog Posting Checklist

So I put up a post earlier today. And I made a stupid mistake. Since I have optimized my blogs to make sure my posts show up under the right tags on Technorati, you would think I would know better. I forgot to put a title on the post. So its get listed in Technorati, but no title shows. Ugh. You could file that one under “stupid blog tricks”.

So that spawns this brief post. Make sure you have a checklist before uploading a blog post. Here is one for starters:

  1. Make sure you wrote a title
  2. Make sure you have put it in the right categories for your posting.
  3. Make sure you have implemented any “manual tags” you want for the posting.
  4. Spell check your post.
  5. Click on all your links and make sure they all work.

You can do these things in preview mode in your blog software package. Well OK, I know you can do it with WordPress, and I assume that the other major blog software packages offer something similar.

Follow these guidelines more strictly than I did this morning, and you will be doing yourself a favor! You can get other tips on Blogging for traffic here.

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