11 Cool Things you can do with HBX Analytics

By Eric Enge Next up in our series of cool things about analytics article series, is Visual Sciences' HBX Analytics. To help me learn the ropes of HBX Analytics, I had the capable help of Ali Behnam, who works in professional services at Visual Sciences. What you will see in the points below is a highly configurable applications … [Read more...]

10 Cool Things you can do with Clicktracks

by Eric Enge One of the web analytics packages that we have been evaluating during our Analytics Study is Clicktracks. Clicktracks offers a powerful analytics capability, at an affordable price. So as part of our 10 Cool Things analytics article series, I thought it would make sense to dig into it a bit deeper. I sat down with Joy … [Read more...]

Web Analytics and Cookies

By Eric Enge This article will review the several different ways that analytics software packages implement first party cookies, and how it affects the accuracy of the data you receive from those software packages. The solutions chosen have interesting implications on the overall capability of the package. These will also be … [Read more...]

Jim Sterne on Social Media Metrics

adobe photoshop software download Key Points Jim provides great perspective on how we should think about Social Media Analytics. The major takeaways from this discussion are: Social behavior is intrinsic to the web. Today it might be Facebook and Twitter, and tomorrow it might be something else. What matters is that the power to … [Read more...]

Adam Lewis Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Adam Lewis

Adam is a digital strategist who specializes in online marketing strategy, site optimization and analytics, search engine marketing, product and social web integration. Adam was most recently a Senior Product Specialist at Google Latin America in their Buenos Aries office and has worked with clients that include the New York Times, … [Read more...]

New Data on the Value of SEO

Presumably anone who reads this blog really does not need to be convinced of the value of SEO, but chances are that all of you have run into situations where you are trying to explain to someone else of the value of SEO. This is often a very challenging activity. New data from a survey by The Info Tech Group provides some great … [Read more...]

Yahoo’s Dennis Mortensen Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Dennis Mortensen

Dennis R. Mortensen is a pioneer and expert in the Analytics industry. He is an accredited Associate Web Analytics Instructor at the University of British Columbia, the Author of data driven insights with Yahoo! Web Analytics, and a frequent speaker on the subject of analytics and online marketing. Mortensen is an Entrepreneur and … [Read more...]