Why do Some People Get More Engagement on Google Plus? – Here’s Why with Mark & Eric


As we look forward to a new era on Google+, we can now focus on what we need to do to maximize what we get out of it as a social network, and on what we need to do to maximize our engagement there. In order to measure engagement on Google+, we took a look at 33,282 posts on Google+, and sliced and diced them based on the nature of … [Read more...]

How to Structure Your Data – Hardcore Marketing


In this episode of Hardcore Marketing (formerly known as Hardcore SEO) Stone Temple Consulting's Director of Technical SEO Mats Tolander discusses Schema and Structured data. Implementing both are crucial to a sound marketing strategy. As intelligent as search engines are, they only know what information they’re looking at if you … [Read more...]

Why Should Web Publishers Consider Mobile Apps? – Here’s Why with Mark & Eric


More and more people are using smart mobile devices. That means an increasing amount of people will be accessing content on mobile apps.In this episode of Here’s Why, Mark & Eric rundown the fascinating insights of Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Mariya Moeva. Mariya told us the benefits that mobile apps can bring for a … [Read more...]

Why Doesn’t Google Index All of Twitter? – Here’s Why with Mark & Eric


Now that Google has full, real-time access to all of Twitter, they must be indexing every tweet in Google search, right? Wrong!In this video see the results of the Stone Temple Consulting study that looked on Google for 133,000 tweets from over 900 Twitter users. We gathered data on the level of indexation of tweets from those … [Read more...]

Why Should You Not Fear Linking Out? – Here’s Why with Mark & Eric


With Google’s crackdown on link spam, many sites have become fearful of linking to any external content. Too many people were succumbing to the temptation to try to game their link profiles to artificially appear more authoritative than they should be. So Google had to do something to clean that up. The unfortunate side effect of … [Read more...]

Why is a Quality User Experience an SEO Ranking Factor? – Here’s Why with Mark & Eric


Giving your site visitors a great user experience can actually result in valuable positive signals for search engines. Providing valuable and unique content to your visitors is key to preventing them from leaving, or bouncing from your site. In this episode of Here’s Why, Mark and Eric will explain what it takes to create a truly … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Content Need to be Unique? – Here’s Why with Mark & Eric


Today’s world of content marketing is becoming more and more crowded by the day. Big brands like Amazon and Yahoo are now content producers, as well as countless advertisers and marketers. So while the barrier of entry to content marketing is low, being able to stand out from the crowd becomes harder and harder every day. In this … [Read more...]