Interviews By Eric Enge

Stone Temple Consulting CEO Eric Enge is well known for his interviews of industry luminaries on content marketing, digital marketing, SEO and social media topics.

Managing the Reputation of a Mega-Brand with Walmart’s Chad Mitchell

Interview with Chad Mitchell of Walmart

Eric: Can you talk a little bit about your background Chad?Chad: Sure, it's probably not the typical one. I'm not really "digital" or "social," per se. I view myself as a communications professional who has simply adapted to the changing environment. I really cut my teeth in politics, working on local, state, and federal races in … [Read more...]

Find Your Engagement Sweet Spot with Marathon Petroleum’s Brandon Daniels

Why is Marathon Petroleum in Social Media?

Brandon Daniels is the communications manager at Marathon Petroleum Corporation, and is in charge of the corporate social media accounts for Marathon Petroleum. Today's post is a transcript where Mark Traphagen and I interview him to learn the inner workings of Marathon's social media strategy, so we can all learn from his experience … [Read more...]

Your Mobile App Questions Answered With Google’s Mariya Moeva

Mobile and Mobile Apps: A Trend You Can't Ignore

Recently I had a chance to chat with Mariya Moeva, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, about the trends Google is seeing that impact the growing importance of mobile apps. (Find out more about Mariya at the end of the interview.) Also, Mariya has provided a handy form for you to ask her questions about mobile apps directly.Eric Enge … [Read more...]

Engaging Your Company in Social Media With Pitney Bowes’ Wayne Kurtzman

Your Company Can't Do It Alone - Interview with Wayne Kurtzman of Pitney Bowes

I recently had a chance to chat with Wayne Kurtzman, Manager of Social Media Marketing Listening and Insights at Pitney Bowes, to find out how an "old school" major brand moves into the social media age. (Get Wayne's full bio at the end of this post.) Eric: Can you provide us with some background as to why Pitney Bowes is active in … [Read more...]

Measuring and Driving Social Media Success with Aetna’s Lauren Vargas

How Aetna measures its social media effectiveness.

Interview with Aetna's Lauren Vargas Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen of Stone Temple Consulting recently chatted with Lauren Vargas about how she measures and drives social media success at Fortune 50 insurance provider Aetna. Lauren is Head of Social Media and Community for Aetna. Learn more about Lauren Eric Enge: How do you measure … [Read more...]

The Power of Brand Collaboration in Content Marketing

The Power of Brand Collaboration in Content Marketing

At ClickZ Live New York, Playboy's Robin Zucker spoke about "Getting Real With Native: Making Branded Content Programs Work." Her session focused on how to create high-quality branded authentic content that serves the need of promoting a brand — without having any advertising or promotional component to it at all. Robin is Senior … [Read more...]

Initial Query Processing by a Search Engine with Bing’s Andy McGovern

Andy McGovern Photo

  One fascinating area of search is the process by which search engines break down the content of a search query and figure out how to process it. In my search to learn about this I was given the opportunity to chat with Bing's Andy McGovern about how they looked at this challenge. The following Q&A captures the bulk of … [Read more...]