Latest Interview: Izea’s Ted Murphy

This week's interview is with Izea's Ted Murphy. Ted has been a successful entrepreneur sincew 1994, and is most notably known for founding Izea, the company which spawned PayPerPost. Ted and I discuss PayPerPost, and his latest venture, SocialSpark. If you would like to comment on it, please do so below. … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Matt Cutts

During my recent trip to SMX Advanced, I sat down with Google's Matt Cutts to discuss link building. In the discussion, we covered a wide variety of white hat link building techniques. What makes this interesting is the insight is provides on what Matt considers to be White Hat. Check it out, and then comment below if you want to … [Read more...]

Eric Enge interviews Bob Massa

Picture of Bob Massa

Bob Massa has been involved in the search business since 1997. Bob is known for his driect and honest approach, along with his sense of humor. He operates a directory of niche Internet communities and a web marketing services firm know as Techndu. Interview Transcript Eric Enge: You have been doing online traffic development and … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Bob Massa

Our latest interview is with Bob Massa. What's interesting about this one is that Bob has been involved in SEO and online marketing since 1997. That makes him a certified old timer, and it's worth seeing what he things about the was search has changed and his ideas on link building. … [Read more...]

Eric Enge Interviews Ken McGaffin

Picture of Ken McGaffin

Ken McGaffin is Chief Marketing Officer with He writes regularly on link building and online public relations. He is the author of the highly acclaimed Linking Matters Report. Our discussion focused on recent changes and upcoming plans for Wordtracker, and tips and techniques for keyword selection. Interview … [Read more...]

Google’s Continuing War on Paid Links

Aaron Wall put up a post about a new Google filter that causes people with high ranking terms to be bumped down to position #6. There is also a thread at Webmaster World about this phenomenon. This is still reasonably speculative in nature, but there are a lot of people who have seen this. Aaron offers some really interesting … [Read more...]

More on the Topic of Paid Links

Here is a great post from SEO Blackhat titled Don’t Buy Links - Buy the Whole Site. It offers some good and practical advice about paid links. Here is a great summary quote from the post: Generally, the sites you can still buy links from that can pass link juice (help you site rank in the SERPs) will be small to medium sites with a … [Read more...]