Eric Interviews Microsoft’s Mikko Ollila

When I had the chance to interview Mikko Ollila, senior product manager for Local Search at Bing, I was excited. Bing has done some nice things with their local search experience, and I wanted to learn a bit more about it. Our discussion quickly shifted into a review of how Silverlight enables immersive experiences. The affect is … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Dr. Scott Prevost – Comment Here

This week I am publishing a recent interview with Microsoft's Dr. Scott Prevost. Scott is the principal development manager in the Powerset group at Microsoft. I used this discussion to get some insight into what Powerset is about, and how Microsoft intends to use it as a part of their core search technology in the future. Powerset … [Read more...]

Angus Norton Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Angus Norton

Angus Norton is the Senior Director, Live Search, at Microsoft Corporation. Angus previously has had several other roles at Microsoft, including: Senior Director, Developer Platform Evangelism, Director, Windows Mobile, and Group Product Manager, Enterprise Servers & Tools. Angus was one of the few that has won the Microsoft … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Angus Norton of Microsoft

This week I am publishing a recent interview with Microsoft's Angus Norton. We start by exploring the recent Silk Road initiative announced by Microsoft at Pubcon 2008. After that, we spend some time speaking about Microsoft's initiatives in search moving forward, and their plans to improve their market share in the future. Check … [Read more...]

Nathan Buggia Interviewed by Eric Enge

Picture of Nathan Buggia

Nathan Buggia is the Lead Program Manager for the Live Search Webmaster Center, Microsoft's suite of tools designed to help web publishers get better results from Live Search. Buggia has overall responsibility for all the Webmaster Center Tools, Community and evangelism within the search marketing industry. Previously, Buggia spent … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Nathan Buggia

Our interview this week is with Microsoft's Nathan Buggia, the Lead Product Manager of the Live Search Webmaster Center. We go into the Live Search Webmaster Tools in depth. It's a great product, and provides a lot of useful diagnostics. As Nate points out early on, these diagnostics should be helpful in understanding how all … [Read more...]

Ziya Genceren Interview

Picture of Ziya Genceren

Ziya Genceren is a Group Product Manager at Microsoft, responsible for running the product management team for local, mobile and mapping search technology. He has been at Microsoft for three years, initially joining the product management team for Microsoft communication services products like Windows Live Messenger, Spaces, and … [Read more...]