Matt McGowan and Eric Enge Discuss SES and the Search Industry

Picture of Matt McGowan

Matt McGowan, VP of Marketing for Incisive Media Plc, oversees all marketing activities for the ClickZ Network and in addition to their respective trade show series, ClickZ Specifics and Search Engine Strategies. Prior to joining Incisive, Matt was a Vice President at, where he oversaw all … [Read more...]

How To Win An iPod Touch at SES New York!

Update: We had to change the give away from an iPhone to an iPod Touch, due to the fact that you can only buy an iPhone together with a 2 year service agreement. It made the process a bit too complicated. However, we have upped the memory to 16GB, so it has the exact same value. Once again, Stone Temple Consulting is putting its … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Matt McGowan

I recently had the opportunity to interview Matt McGowan, the VP of marketing for Incisive media. The discussion focused on the recent SES shows, and the plans for future SES events. We also dug into the evolution of the search industry. Please feel free to comment on the interview using the discussion using the link below. … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Incisive’s Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan recently completed his first SES with SES Chicago in December. Following the event, I interviewed Kevin Ryan, and we talked about how the event went. We also talked about his plans for future SES events. Feel free to leave comments on the interview below. … [Read more...]

Webmaster Radio Interview

Just a quick note to point you to my interview on Webmaster Radio. In the interview Dave Davies asks me about my thoughts on the SES Chicago event, and where it's going. Nothing earth shaking there, but hey, you get to hear my silky smooth voice! … [Read more...]

Foosball at SES Chicago!

SES Chicago will begin tomorrow, and STC will be there. We are holding a special event on behalf of Search Engine Watch, an open foosball challenge. This takes place on Wednesday at lunch (12:30 to 2:00) at booth #100 in the Exhibition Hall. The first doubles team to beat the team of Eric Enge and John Biundo will win a pair of … [Read more...]

7 Observations from SES New York 2007

Search Engine Strategies in New York was once again a good show. It seems to have grown again this year, and I always enjoy the opportunity to catch up with different people in the biz. Here are & major impressions I have following the show: There is really so much opportunity out there. New things keep popping up that result in … [Read more...]