6 Signs of a Valuable Digital Marketing Agency

6 Signs of a Valuable Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a major investment of any company's limited marketing budget. Is it worth it? According to a research report from the Society of Digital Agencies the percentage of companies not using outside digital marketing agencies at all rose significantly over last year (27% in 2015, compared to 13% in … [Read more...]

Why Should Links Not Be Your First Content Marketing Priority? – Here’s Why with Mark & Eric


While getting links for SEO purposes is a very important part of your overall content marketing strategy, it is not the most important part. In this episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric, they explain what your content marketing priorities should really be. Links Mentioned: Your First Steps In Content Marketing All of our … [Read more...]

Why Does Author Authority Still Matter? – Here’s Why With Mark & Eric


Google might not show author photos in their results anymore, but the importance of author authority is far from dead. In this episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric, Eric will explain why author authority continues to benefit your content marketing strategy. Strong Author Auhority provides many benefits, both search-based on … [Read more...]

2 Reasons Why the Mobile Friendly Label Might Not Show in the SERPs

Mobile Friendly Test Outputs

If you are at all following the search industry news you have heard about the big Google mobile update coming on April 21 of this year, one that Google has said will have a larger impact on the search results than Panda or Penguin. One of the key recommendations that comes out of this is that you should test your pages in Google's … [Read more...]

Sep Kamvar and Eric Enge Talk About Personalization

Picture of Sep Kamvar

Sep Kamvar is the engineering lead for personalization at Google, and a consulting professor of computational mathematics at Stanford University. Prior to joining Google, Sep was the Founder of Kaltix, a personalized search engine company that was acquired by Google in 2003. Interview Transcript Eric Enge: You and I spoke … [Read more...]

Seth Godin interview: Meatball Sundae

Seth Godin Meatball Sundae

Seth Godin is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change. Godin is author of seven books that have been bestsellers around the world and changed the way people think about marketing, change and work. The titles of these books are: Permission Marketing, Unleashing the Ideavirus, The Big Red Fez, Survival is Not Enough, … [Read more...]

Interview of Visual Sciences’ Eric T. Peterson

Picture of Eric Peterson

Interview Date: January 15, 2007 The following is the transcript of an interview of Eric T. Peterson. Eric is currently Vice President with the Visual Sciences division of web analytics firm, WebSideStory, is the author of several books on web measurement and moderates several popular discussion lists on analytics. He also manages … [Read more...]