Chris Silver Smith Interview: Comment Here

It seems like forever since I last posted an interview. Take this one as a heads up that I do intend to reinvigorate the interview series over the next month or two. They are too much fun to do, and very useful in digging up information on search.

Today I am publishing an interview with Chris Silver Smith of KeyRelevance. It is a great discussion on the ins and outs of local search. A former employee, Chris has an insider’s knowledge of how this all works. Don’t miss it!


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    Great discussion fellas! I especially enjoyed the piece about listings being incorrect on local search directories and map sites that do not make the effort to correct listings. This is an area that requires intense focus in the local search arena.

    I can’t wait to see social media expand from the above average PC user to the average…. that is when it will become a play in local search. Until then I guess I am still considered a GEEK (lol). Anywho, this was likely the most intense discussion I have followed regarding Map Listings and link aggregators in quite a long time!


    Mike Stewart

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    Good article, I bookmarked it. I’m focusing on providing more local web services for my communities. Being able to provide better SEO will definitely get me more clients.

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