Digging Deeper for Contact Info

Eric Ward put a post up on Search Engine Land called: The Link Building Kiss of Death. In this post Eric talks about the types of email addresses which are just poor ones to use when emailing someone with information about your site (a request of a link). Some of the examples provided by Eric include:

  • info@
  • webmaster@
  • help@
  • contact@

I agree fully with Eric, who is a world class link builder, but would like to share an additional tip about how to find the contact information you are looking for. Let’s assume you are looking for a person on the web site of a major university. You want to find the contact info for the admissions director. You know the person’s name (let’s call here Maggie Pearson), but the only related contact info you can find is for “info@major-university.com”.

Kiss of Death right? Well certainly if you actually use that email address to send the mail. But, instead of fishing around one web page at a time, you need to put your search engine to work for you. Your next step would be to try this search:

“maggie pearson” site:major-university.com

You will be surprised how many times that person’s email address and/or phone number will show up in other places on the site. In the case of a major university, a lot of times the entire faculty and administrative staff have their information online.

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