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We are pleased to announce a new series of articles on our site. Over the coming months we plan to do a series of “This Old Web Site” articles, in which we document SEO projects that we have participated in, and their results.

We are also pleased to be able to show you the results of the first of the sites being covered in this article series – you can see the results from our project with Videomaker magazine. In this project, we implemented a number of SEO optimizations, resulting in a traffic gain of more than 60% in a 3 month period of time. Not too shabby!

In addition, we are announcing that we are offering one lucky winner the opportunity to receive a completely free SEO site review from us. We will receive requests until after I get back from WebmasterWorld, where I will be next week.

We will screen out any SPAM sites and any sites that we don’t feel we can help. One winner will then be randomly selected from the remaining sites.

We will then review the winner’s site, and make a set of SEO recommendations. Please do not ask to particpate unless you have the ability to implement changes to your site (we do not provide web programming resources). Then 90 days later we will post the results on our blog, which will get the winner a free link to boot.

Please apply by emailing tags: , , ,

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