Going to SMX Advanced

I am on the plane out to SMX Advanced in Seattle. This is Daany Sullivan’s second take at this show, which is targeted at more advanced SEOs and web marketers. As we all head out to Seattle, we all have the same thing in our mind – will the food be as good as it was last year? Hey, it’s important!

More seriously, I am looking forward to some of the sessions. The You&A with Matt Cutts is ab obvious one to highlight, but there are other sessions I am looking forward to as well. Some of the more interesting looking ones are:

  1. Buying Sites For SEO – Interesting to see what people have to say about how they are pricing sites, and seeing what they say about the types of opportunities there are out there.
  2. Funding, Valuing & Selling SEM Businesses – I’ve always understood that consulting oriented businesses don’t sell for very much. It would be quite cool if I was wrong about that …
  3. Give It Up! – I am quite hopeful about this one. This session was part of the show last year. The presenters last year were unfortunately a bit tame in the secrets they gave up. Hopefully, this year they will have more to say.

I am sure that there will be other sessions of interest as well, but those 4 are the ones that stand out for me. If you are going we will look forward to seeing you there!

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