Google Going Strong

Short post, done late tonight. Hope to get back in sync tomorrow. Two things caught my eye:

  1. Google’s fabulous earnings announcement sporting huge growth. Revenues of $2.69 billion for Q3 2006, and operating income of $931 million, or 35% of revenue. In light of Yahoo’s recent disappointing earnings announcement, this is big news.
  2. Jeremy Zawodny offers a great summary of the YouTube acquisition by Google. Jeremy hits the nail on the head – its about eyeballs, and it makes tons of sense.

Google really gets it. Their development machine understands how to cost effectively produce massively adapted applications, acquire huge numbers of eyeballs, and then convert it all into money. Google has assumed the mantle of intellectual property leadership once held by Microsoft, and it looks like it will be a while before they let go of it.

Of course, history teaches us that nothing lasts forever. Go to the SEOMoz site if you want to check out a fun poll about who will be the one to eventually supplant Google. tags:

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