Google Spam Cops Still Need Help

Aaron Pratt has been doing some great stuff in terms of monitoring spam activity lately. His latest post is: What’s hot in Google Gaming this year? This post calls out a post by David Dugdale titled: Consumer Source Interactive Owns Atlanta.

There are still many cases where site owners succeed in gaming Google and continue to get listed for 5 or so listings in the top 10, even if they all the sites in question have the same Whois. It’s facscinating stuff. We talked about this a bit in our post: Are you below the radar?

There is no question that there are many situations where you can get away with not following the rules. Some people make a lot of money this way, and there are lots of black hat and/or gray hat strategies if you are not trying to increase the asset value of your web site for the long term.

But its still a hard business life, ultimately no easier than working in a straight white hat oriented manner. Making the big money is hard, regardless of the approach you use.

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