Google VP Search Quality, Udi Manber

Just last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Google’s VP of Search Quality, Udi Manber. We focused our conversation on various aspects of search quality, Google’s algorithms, and Google’s development processes. Understandably, Udi was not going to provide a tremendous amount of detail about these things, because these are areas that Google considers a proprietary advantage.

Nonetheless, the conversation proved to be very interesting. For example, it was suggested that Google is looking quite closely at what can be done with a variety of social search inputs. Clearly, this is an opportunity for Google to leverage human input in a scalable way. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this investigation at Google.

Rather than tell the story here, just check out the interview.


  1. says

    SEO, what does it mean? Well I am sure it does not mean having most of your Website pages in Google supplementary index.
    Matt probably does not agry with me, but I listen to Googlebot not Googlers.
    Nofollow? Is that like you are in the club or an outsider?

    Are you getting where I am going?

    Hey, vote for me, I am sexy!

    Wow, we can control Google PR algorithm, we have the power.

    Wrong again, Google PR algorith is AI–>
    You tweak it, it will tweak itself back. It has gazillion data points.
    So any sub algorithm does not have a chance against the master.

    Maybe you should ask Udi to show you the results of statistical group analysis and correlation of change of sub algorithm to master algorithm.

    I would bet it would be 99.99999 percent.So any changes by Google engineers is nothing more than smoke in mirrors.

    As long as the Webmasters follow GqG they have nothing to worry about.
    They try to play games, and latter blame it on -950 or BigDaddy, they will be at GWHF crying, “Why Google does not like me!” to Adam L.

    I did that cry once, but never again. I do not listen to the talking heads, but I listen to Googlebot.

    Have a nice day,

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