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cog-2Here’s Why is a series dedicated to answering the questions you never knew to ask. Eric and Mark cover a broad range of digital marketing topics from social media to analytics, penalty recovery and content marketing, and everything in-between. You can catch a brand new episode of Here’s Why every Monday morning here or directly on Our YouTube Page

If you didn’t get a chance to catch our latest episode about social engagement metrics, check it out below!

Past Shows

Date Video & Topic
3.6.2015 Why Are Social Engagement Metrics Useful?
Some marketing insiders say that social media engagement is not a reliable or useful metric. Some point to a lack of evidence that social media engagement correlates to direct sales. In this episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric, Mark Traphagen will show you why engagement metrics should not only not be ignored, but measured and acted upon.
2.24.2015 Where is Digital Marketing Headed in 2015? – Part 2
In the final installment of this 2-part edition of Here’s Why, Eric gives Mark more predictions about where he thinks Google is headed in 2015. Specifically, they talk about Google’s Knowledge Graph as it currently stands and the advances they believe will be made to it in the coming year. Eric also explains the methodology and brief results of a study conducted by Stone Temple Consulting to test the current state of the Knowledge Graph and see just how good Google it is at answering your questions.
2.17.2015 Where is Digital Marketing Headed in 2015? – Part 1
In the first episode of this two part edition of Here’s Why, Mark asks Eric for his industry predictions for the year 2015. Specifically, Eric reveals his thoughts on the changes that may come in terms of Google and social media. In light of the recent news that Twitter and Google are rebuilding their relationship, 2015 may prove to be a big year for SEO and social to work together.
2.2.2015 Why does Twitter Need SEO?
Mark & Eric discuss Twitter and Google’s rocky past. The two companies used to have a tight relationship, but that came apart as times went on. As big a network as Twitter is, it’s not seeing the growth on new users that it would like. One method that they’ve employed to boost their numbers has been some simple, good-old-fashioned SEO.
1.26.2015 Why is SEO So Hard?
Mark & Eric tackle the biggest obstacles of successfully implementing a sound SEO plan for your company’s overall marketing strategy. Your CTO will probably have different goals from your CFO, while you and your CMO might have different opinions on the best way to move forward. Knowing how to address all of the varying concerns from the C-Level is what we’re here to help you with.
12.22.2014 Why Do SEO & Social Media Work Better Together?
Search and social fall under the umbrella of digital marketing and should not be kept in separate silos. It is mutually beneficial for them to work together… find out why!
12.15.2014 Why is the Personal Brand So Powerful?
Mark and Eric discuss how powerful personal branding can be. They explain why brands should not be afraid of putting real faces out in the world to represent them, and why they should not hide behind their logos.
12.1.2014 Why are People Afraid to Link Build?
Eric and Mark discuss the history of Link Building. A lot of people are afraid to do Link Building anymore, especially after Matt Cutts and Co. have come down on it pretty hard as a marketing strategy. However, Link building is more about brand building these days. When done correctly it is still a viable and legitimate practice. Let Eric and Mark help with the best ways to approach it.
11.17.2014 Why Are Private Blog Networks & Microsites Are Dangerous?
The do’s, don’ts, and dangers of Private Blog Networks and Microsites. How private blog networks are created, for what reasons they get created, and how and why to avoid them. Also discussed are micorsites, how they can be considered Private Blog Networks, and how to avoid penalization from Google.
11.10.2014 Why is Google a Learning Machine?
Mark and Eric discuss the Singularity, Google’s ever-evolving Artificial Intelligence, the Knowledge Vault, making sure that we keep our robot overlords happy, and much more.
11.3.2014 What the Ello?
The reasons behind Ello’s recent surge in popularity, who created it and why, and what the future holds for the burgeoning social network.
6.4.2014 Why Should You Syndicate Your Content?
There are lots of reasons to syndicate content, but it starts with the whole notion of “other people’s audiences.” That is, doing things where you get exposure to the audiences of other sites. You can do this in social media, you can do this through a very smart type of guest posting campaign, but you can also do it by syndicating content.
5.28.2014 Why is Content Marketing a Powerful Sales Tool?
A strong sales force is always a tried-and-true method of acquiring new business. However, as times change, so do sales tactics. Content marketing can be a very beneficial tool in bringing in business, Check out Mark and Eric as they discuss their success with content marketing.
5.14.2014 Why Should I Guest Post on Only a Few Sites?
Guest posting used to have more a fire hose approach than it currently does. Blast out as much content as possible to as many domains as you can. In this episodes, Mark and Eric explain why you want to aim for quality over quantity.
4.23.2014 Why Does Google+ Now Have View Counts?
Google+ is an ever-evolving platform. One of their new features is the addition of View Counts. Find out what they mean and how they can impact your digital marketing efforts.
4.16.2014 Why Isn’t Google Using Social Signals for SEO?
To most, it seems like factoring social signals into a search algorithm would be an obvious step in improving the overall search experience, but, as Google found out, it’s not that simple, or straightforward. Eric and Mark discuss the intricacies of trying to combine both search and social.
4.7.2014 Why do You Need to Be an Expert?
Why does anyone need to be an expert almost seems like a silly question. Why would anyone not want to be an expert? In this episode of here’s Why, Eric and Mark discuss the value and need of expertise, regardless of what your profession is.
3.10.2014 Why Does Guest Blogging Remain an Important Marketing Tool?
Guest blogging can be seen as a subpar marketing tactic, especially when it’s overused. However, when done the right way it is not only a viable option, but a crucial one to any good marketer.
3.3.2014 Why Google Authorship for Your Company?
In the inaugural episode of Here’s Why, Mark and Eric discuss the importance of Google Authorship for your company and why it is important to put a face to a name.