How To Win An iPod Touch at SES New York!

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Update: We had to change the give away from an iPhone to an iPod Touch, due to the fact that you can only buy an iPhone together with a 2 year service agreement. It made the process a bit too complicated. However, we have upped the memory to 16GB, so it has the exact same value.

Once again, Stone Temple Consulting is putting its foosball reputation on the line and giving away a pair of 16 GB iPod Touch’s to the winners of our “Foosball Challenge” at SES New York in a couple of weeks. We did this in Chicago earlier this year, and we played a lot of foosball, met a lot of interesting people, had a lot of fun, and gave a way a pair of iPods. And now we’re upping the ante.

So how do you win one of these beauties? I’m glad you asked… it’s really simple!

Step One: Come to SES New York the week of March 16, 2008.

Step Two: Find the foosball tables. They are at Booth #2033 in America’s Hall 2. Eric and John are sure to be nearby! Get the details on when the “Foosball Challenge” will take place (we’ll have these details ironed out before the conference, and will post them here.)

Step Three: Come at the right time. We are holding the challenge during the Networking Reception on Tuesday in the Exhibit Hall after the show. Note that the tables will be there the entire time the Exhibit Hall is open, so come by any time and practice! We *may* also be available at other times on Tuesday for challenge matches, but we will award the iPod Touch’s at the end of the Networking Reception, so come by before then!

Step Four: Bring a partner, or find one over at the tables, and play a game against Eric and John. The team scoring the most points against us wins the iPod Touch’s. If there’s a tie, we’ll hold a random drawing among the highest scoring teams. That’s it!

Now here’s a bit more background. First of all, NOBODY should NOT try this out. Seriously, the only rule we have is you can’t spin the rods. You absolutely can NOT be embarrassed to try. We’re talking iPod Touch’s here! And we promise not to make fun of you. (Well, we reserve the right to make fun of Rand and Michael Gray ;-). On the other hand, if we know you and you *don’t* stop by for the challenge, we do promise to give you a hard time!

Note that the tables we will use Tornado tables, the table on the current tour.

Now here’s the full disclosure. We’re actually pretty good foosball players. Eric is a former world champion (true story!). It was quite a while back — in his wild and crazy youth — but he still has the trophy! John goes way back as well, though his glory days are more recent, including winning regional championships in Northern and Southern California in the last six months.

Now we tell you all this not to boast or intimidate. We really, really love to play foosball with absolutely anyone who’s willing to step up to the table. You’ll find it’s an incredible ice breaker, and we both count many lifelong friends among the people we’ve “foosed it up” with.

We’re not gonna take it easy on anyone — you’re gonna know you *earned* that iPod Touch — but we promise to make it fun!

See you in New York!


  1. says

    Sweet Jeebus, you guys actually won Awards at foosball?!?

    I would’ve been all about a challenge until I heard that. You shouldn’t have said anything.

    Do you play where the goalie can score? That’s really all I got, is a shot from way downtown…

  2. says

    Hey Judd – It costs nothing to try. You don’t have to beat us, you just have to get the best result against us. Note – you can score from anywhere you want …

  3. says

    i and a colleague will definitely stop by for the foosball challenge. We’ll prolly get schooled, but might get a cheap gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaal!

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