Interview with ex-Googler Adam Lewis

Today I am releasing an interview that I did with ex-Googler Adam Lewis. Adam worked in a variety of roles within Google, including as an optimization specialist on the AdWords team. Suffice it to say, he knows his stuff!

The interview covered a wide range of opportunities for advertisers, including:

  • The “see search terms” feature in AdWords.
  • Negative Matching
  • AdWords filters
  • Conversion Optimizer
  • Mobile ads
  • Local Business ads
  • Doubleclick Ad Planner
  • Google Insights for search
  • Google’s recently released broad match modifier

Lots of good information, so check it out!


  1. says

    It’s a great interview, lot of information comes through it and I really happy to read about Ad-words and PPC. Thanks a lot for this post.

  2. says

    Great interview…and I finally found out info on the broad match modifier. Which I am still not a big fan of. I feel like Broad match is the worst waste of money. Yet people still use it so maybe there is something I don’t know!

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