Interview with Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne is one of the most well known names in the world of Web Analytics. We recently had a chance to interview Jim, and had a great discussion with him. Jim has published several books, including the well known title “Web Metrics”. Jim is also President of the Web Analytics Association, and the Emetrics Summit.

Jim’s passion for analytics emerges immediately and clearly when you begin a discussion of web analytics with him. In our interview he provides a great top down view of the analytics industry, and how businesses should use web analytics as a part of their business strategy.

So check out this great discussion with Jim Sterne for a great look into the world of web analytics.


  1. says

    Nice interview Eric. It’s amazing that companies are just now realizing how important web analytics is to their online marketing success. Even having the right anayltics package does not guarantee that you’ll have the right answers. Finding the right questions to ask is as important and having the answer in fact one problem with web analytics is that you get too much information so you can easily be fooled into looking at the wrong data or be looking at the data wrong.

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